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The soft brittle is absolutely fabulous! I purchased 3 bags and they were gone in 24 hours. Everyone in our household loved them. I even bought some to share at work and my coworkers then placed their own orders for it. Great product.
– Andi J.
I received a packet of your candy as a gift from my granddaughter who lives in Portland. She loves it and now so do I. I ordered right at Christmas and still received it in one day! Great service, delicious flavors! I will keep ordering and will recommend to everyone. Thank you.
– Jane C.
Um, okay… Well, I’m working on location at the moment & there is a small bag of something called ‘chocolate hazelnut brittle’ just sitting on the counter… 😳 what on earth is this stuff? This is so incredibly delicious. OMG. I don’t really go for this kind of thing very often… extremely rarely actually… excellent job you guys! Mmmm… yum.
– Keely L.
My daughter gave us a package of your soft brown sugar cashew brittle as part of a Christmas gift, and we fell in love with it. We wanted to share this amazing brittle with some other family members and friends.
– Sue R.
I discovered you at an event you were at in West Linn. The carnival I believe. LOVE your Cashew Brown Sugar Sea Salt!! I kept the bag knowing I would order more.
– Rachel B.
This stuff is fantastic and addictive… so what? Everyone has a vice or two… 😂
– Keely L.
Hi Tam, I purchased your Chocolate Hazelnut Brittle at a Christmas Bazaar for a stocking stuffer and wanted to tell you how much we loved it!!! We pretty much inhaled it. It’s INSANELY good. 🙂
– Beth E.
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