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It all started with a smile...

When I saw how my daughter reacted to the cake I made for her, my heart exploded. Her precious smile was the catalyst to my baking journey. The joy and glee that comes from receiving a custom dessert is what fuels my creativity. While I may not personally see every reaction, knowing that the love and care I put into each bake will make someone feel special—well, that’s more than enough.

I’m a self-taught baker who loves to push creativity to the edge. I love to wow my clients with not only aesthetics but taste as well.

As a contestant on The Food Network’s Great Chocolate Showdown, I was able to hone my skills and open myself up to the world of confections.

My idea for soft brittle came from the realization that peanut brittle doesn’t have to be teeth-breaking hard. I found the alternatives just weren’t available on the market. From there, I experimented with different combinations of ingredients to create something simply unique and decadent.

My goal is to bring a twist to your classic treats and create a truly memorable experience.

Knowing that my creations will be enjoyed by so many warms my heart.

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