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Not your everyday brittle…. Traditional peanut brittles are hard, and I mean teeth breaking hard. Not so good for grandma. There simply weren’t many alternatives to the classic hard brittle on the market. So we set out to change that.

Chocolate Hazelnut Brittle

Our hazelnuts come from farms in Oregon. When possible, our ingredients are sourced locally because supporting local vendors is our ethos.

After many sleepless, sugar-filled nights, we’re proud to bring you our very own handmade, small-batch, soft peanut brittle. Crafted with care in Portland, Oregon. Made from scratch with the freshest ingredients, we’ve even gone as far as producing our own nut butter!

Our goal is to flip traditional brittle, and confections for that matter, on its head to create a truly memorable candy experience. Deliciously soft, melts in your mouth and teeth friendly.

Soon we’ll be bringing you a full product line of classic treats with a twist.

Give it a try ... there’s a smile in every bite!

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